Monday, 9 May 2016

From Bronze to Bronze when an artist copies himself...

Bronze sculptures by Roger Ravelli

When the artist copies his own work!

Roger had a cast of this creation he titled 'Torso' but, to respond to the interest of his customers, wanted to create a series.

We made a rubber mould of his original

'Torso', Edition A1, 21,5 x 13,5, Silicone bronze alloy, mirror polish finish

'Torso', Edition A2, 21 x 13, Silicone bronze alloy, blasted 'naked' bronze in preparation for the patina

'Torso', Edition A2, creation of a bright blue under-layer  


'Torso', Edition A2, introducing the green top coat patina

How to recognize a copy?
The 'copy' is always slightly smaller than its parent. Not to be confused with 'Editions' which are of constant size !          

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